Photosharing: From the Peak to the Beach

This infographic aims to illustrate the complex world of photosharing apps, a huge segment of the global mobile application market.  
Our research started in the directon of finding useful data about the universe of photosharing apps, things like how many apps exist and what is the market worth. Stumbling over other searches, we realized soon enough that this wasn't the topic, the right topic is how people is using this kind of app. 
Previous researches go from users' psicologhy to history of evolution, so we decided to give that a twist, offering a different point view.

Our research is based on the existing dualism that divides the world into Public and Private. A real division in the way we use smartphones, sure, but also in the way we conceive our digital lives.
Two completely different worlds, those who love to show off their entire life, from children to lovers, and those who prefer more privacy and not put in front of the entire world their private life.
In their early years photosharing apps have been designed to help people share parts of their lives on social networks, websites, forums, essentially to go public on the Internet. Over the years we have seen lots of problem with that indiscriminate use of photosharing (like data loss, VIP pictures leaked, loss of identity, copyright infringement, and so on).
Now we are seeing that people are asking for more privacy, they are evolving to a more confidential use of the web, understanding how difficult it can be to remove data from the web or protect their digital identities. Also social networks like Facebook are now offering more private solutions, like Moments.

This infographic starts from the mountain peaks, where we can find some general data on mobile phone use and distribution, descending onto two beaches representing the dualism of photosharing apps: Public and Private beaches.
Representing some of the most famous photosharing apps divided into the two beaches, we took some common features to separate the two areas and we indicated the extra features every app have compared to the common ones.

The Automatic Area represents the last trend in photosharing apps, Private use and sharing + Automatic features.

Enjoy it !!!

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